Squishable Golden Tiger
Squishable Golden Tiger
About the Designer
Maybel K. Hi, I've been drawing since I can remember. But I've only started recently drawing seriously the last 8 or so years. I mostly do digital art, but sometimes I also venture into the realm of traditional art, lol. I love animals, and plushies, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity of designing a Squishable.
Squishable Golden Tiger

Oh mischievous recessive genes, because of you I have dimples, attached earlobes, and my hair color is some kind of throwback to a traveling Viking from the Middle Ages. If only I was a Golden Tiger! Their rare recessive gene gives this Asian cat a lovely creamy gold color! And bigger stripes than normal! And - I couldn't make this up - softer fur! Golden Tigers basically have a genetic quirk that makes them extra adorable and cuddly. Yes, really! All that my recessives give me are freckles!

15 squishy inches of genetic cuddliness, polyester fiber, ages 3 and up! opensquish_tiger_11547 new

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Average Review: 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 22 Reviews

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Ancient proverb say: you will love this squish
By: Elly Sketchit (SHAWNEE, KS) 6-29-2016
Sun Long's orange fur is so marvelously bright! This is one of my ultimate favorite squishables. The face is different, with embroidery for the closed eyes, and it "pops" nicely with the ruffly cheek fur. Well done! I'd recommend this beauty to everyone, not just tiger lovers.

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 My favorite!
By: Kaitlyn Broyles (Belleville, IL) 12-5-2015
When I first stumbled upon this site earlier this year, this was the very first squishable that grabbed my eye. He wasn't the first I got, because he was out of my budget. But, for my birthday and Christmas present, my best friend bought him for me... and I am in love. He is soft, big, cuddly, and my favorite I own by far. <3

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Cute and adorable <3
By: Mike (Danvillde, Arkansas) 11-11-2015
By far my favorite squishable, his fur is super soft and he is extremely comfy to cuddle up to at night, I named mine Cosmo because he's really big and the name sounded nice :] Best squishy ever!

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Super Theraputic
By: Anonymous (Drexel Hill, PA) 11-2-2015
Crookshanks his the name, helping to relieve my stress is his aim! As someone with super high stress and anxiety levels, having my Squishable around is a major help. Sometimes you've just gotta hug it out! And the fact that he's super cute is also super helpful!

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 I love my Squish
By: Nora Daley (Carrboro, NC) 8-31-2015
I got this Squishable for my birthday, and I cannot stop hugging him! He watches so many movies with me and is the perfect size. I love this squishable and it is totally recomended!

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