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Squishable Cow
Squishable Cow
About the Designer
Susan P. aka "Sciggles" Hey there! Most know me as Sciggles. I have been interested in art and drawing from a young age. Thanks to the help of some amazing artists (not to mention incredible amounts of patience!), I have been able to turn my love for art into a career by becoming a freelance artist. Many of my work can be found on various sites, such as deviantART and Fur Affinity.
Squishable Cow
Last Updated: 12/10/2014
Status: Approved 12/10/2014

Design Approved!
12/10/14 - Second Prototype
We figured it out! This girl is WAY cuter now! Nice!
7/28/2014 - First Prototype
Hmmm... This guy is tricky. Not really coming out the way we want her to! Maybe we'll have to revisit.
Prototype start: 1/7/2014

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