Mini Squishable Penguin Holding Ice Cream
Mini Squishable Penguin Holding Ice Cream
Mini Squishable Penguin Holding Ice Cream

There are benefits to living in a colder climate. Way less bugs, for starters! No more sunburns! But perhaps most of all, no more drippy ice cream cones. That's why Penguins have it pretty sweet. They can get those two scoops of rocky-road and hit the town, confident that they won't have a soggy cone and sticky hands anytime soon! And for those Penguins at home, putting up their feet after a long day at the office, there's no need for that long walk to the fridge for a bowl of sherbet. They can keep the pint right next to their favorite chair, ready to dig into while they're watching a reboot streaming season of their favorite 90's show! So embrace the good life, like this Squishable Penguin and his Ice Cream! 7 squishy inches of penguin holding ice cream. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only. mini_squish_aht_penguin_7 new

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