Mini Squishable Beaver
Mini Squishable Beaver
About the Designer
Aileen V. Hi there! I'm Aileen. I'm a Dutch hobbyist artist and love designing things (like Squishables)! I've been drawing since I knew how to hold a pencil and adore it. I'd like to share my work with you guys and hope you'll find as much joy in them as myself!
Mini Squishable Beaver

You look around your room. "Hm," you think, "this space could use a change!" Maybe a new oak chair? How about a mahogany cabinet? Or a sauna? Or a complete personal airport...made of wood? This Mini Beaver is an expert at building all of the above! Toss him some maple and pine, and you'll have wooden airplanes zooming through your wooden living room before you know it. Ignore the teeth marks, they're just part of the charm.

7 squishy inches of adorable craftsman! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up! squish_mini_beaver_7 new
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