Squishable Barn Owl II
Squishable Barn Owl II
About the Designer
Alex C. I've had a good amount of experience with plush making and character design, and have worked for an indie game company as a lead art director and character designer. Right now I am a biology major, and I really hope to have my design chosen both for experience and to help pay for college! Please vote for me, it'll really help me out! :)
Squishable Barn Owl II

Did you know a wild goldfish can grow up to 6 times the size of its bowl-bound cousin? Did you know that squishable doesn't sell goldfish (they're too wet for our boxes), but we do have this humungus Squishable Barn Owl? You might recognise the design from his Mini Squishable Barn Owl brethren, and yet, like his goldfish compatriots, he has grown significantly larger! And he doesn't even have to be in the wild to do it! Let him sit in the quiet domesticity of your lap while you write that English paper you've been putting off - he'll help you grow that 2-page paper to 12 in no time!

15 squishy inches of nocturnal achiever! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up! squish_barn_owl_ii_15 new
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