Limited Mini Squishable Flying Squirrel
Limited Mini Squishable Flying Squirrel
About the Designer
Jaylynne R. I am an artist hoping to someday create my own line of toys. I love animals and drawing, and I really love plushies!
Limited Mini Squishable Flying Squirrel
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Egad! The cooler season is upon us, but there are still nuts to collect! A chestnut over here! A hazelnut nut over there! An entire tree of pine nuts! An ENTIRE TREE, PEOPLE!

Thank goodness for convergent evolution! The Flying Squirrel's biologically built-in wings turn this tiny rodent into an efficient air shipping service! He'll get those almonds off that tree and into your cappuccino in no time. Prepare for a cuddly crash landing into your arms!

7 squishy inches of speedy postal glider! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up! opensquish_flying_squirrel_276264 new
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