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The fate of these Squishables is in your hands! We're giving the Squishy community complete control over if these designs get made or not. Each one is automatically put into production when it reaches the required number of backers. Credit cards are only charged if the design is made, once the final version is ready to ship to you! The power is yours! Make it happen! Teamwork!
Here's how it works!
These are designs which might not get made without fan input!
Pick the ones you support by becoming a backer!
If the design reaches the threshold, it's put into production!

If the design doesn't reach the threshold in time, no credit cards will be charged!
When the finished Squishy is ready, your credit card will be charged...

...and your Squishy will immediately ship (free in the cont. US!)

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Back Me!
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Back Me!
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